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Quartz - Technistone

Quartz is a man-made stone with a whole list of qualities that make it an admirable choice for your kitchen worktops.

Even more durable than granite, Quartz is stain, heat and scratch-resistant which makes it easy to maintain. In addition, it comes in a huge range of colours and because it is man-made, its pattern and texture are more consistent than marble and granite.

We have several types of quartz worktop at our showroom from which you can choose. These extend from premium surfaces such as Silestone through to mid-range like Technistone and budget versions such as Diresco.

Please click on the thumbnails to see each image in more detail. We can supply any stone with a variety of surface finishes.

  • Brilliant Black
    Brilliant Black
  • Brilliant White
    Brilliant White
  • Classic Ice
    Classic Ice
  • Crystal Absolute White
    Crystal Absolute White
  • Crystal Anthracite
    Crystal Anthracite
  • Crystal Diamond
    Crystal Diamond
  • Crystal Polar White
    Crystal Polar White
  • Crystal Quartz White
    Crystal Quartz White
  • Crystal Royal
    Crystal Royal
  • Gobi Black
    Gobi Black
  • Gobi Brown
    Gobi Brown
  • Gobi Grey
    Gobi Grey
  • Karpat Arazona
    Karpat Arazona
  • Sonora
  • Taurus
  • Taurus Brown Pearl
    Taurus Brown Pearl
  • Harmonia Altay
    Harmonia Altay
  • Harmonia Dolomites
    Harmonia Dolomites
  • Harmonia Sierra
    Harmonia Sierra
  • Harmonia Velasco
    Harmonia Velasco
  • Harmonia Yosemite
    Harmonia Yosemite
  • Starlight Black
    Starlight Black
  • Starlight Brown
    Starlight Brown
  • Starlight Grey
    Starlight Grey
  • Starlight Ruby
    Starlight Ruby
  • Starlight Sand
    Starlight Sand
  • Starlight White
    Starlight White