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Silestone - Sensa

Silestone is a premium range, quartz-based surface. Because it's man-made, it offers greater colour consistency and pattern than a natural mineral, as well as a wider variety of colours to choose from.

With a shine and quality that lasts, Silestone also incorporates worktops now containing Microban antibacterial protection, which suppresses the growth of potential harmful bacteria. Microban gives it extra protection between each clean, which ensures greater peace of mind.

94% of Silestone is natural quartz which is one of the most resistant and attractive natural elements that exists. Silestone makes it possible to create anything from beautiful kitchen worktops through to the most innovative commercial projects.

  • Abyss Leather
  • Abyss Pulido
  • Blat Leather
  • Boria Leather
  • Crisol Leather
  • Jatoba Pulido
  • Latina Pulido
  • Manglar Pulido
  • Outono Leather
  • Savannah Leather
  • Savannah Pulido
  • Smoke Leather
  • Tuscany Pulido